Hello! I’m David Gay. I’m a software developer. I mostly write Ruby, my favorite programming language. Besides programming, I…

  • Read books, fiction and nonfiction
  • Listen to and accumulate a huge amount of music, usually listening to full albums start to finish (playlists are for short drives only, or when I’m with other people who don’t do the album thing)
  • Play video games, especially RPGs, including roguelikes and MUDs
  • Go camping and have fires in my backyard
  • Run a Pathfinder 2e game for some friends (it’s like D&D)
  • Cook meals and exercise
  • Play a little chess and guitar

This Site

This site is on GitHub.

I respect your privacy, so I use GoatCounter instead of something like Google Analytics. GoatCounter is open source and doesn’t collect any personal data.