Hello! I’m David Gay. Software developer. Reader. Writer. Listener.

Some stuff about me:

  • My favorite programming language is Ruby. My first was BASIC. Most recently, I learned some Clojure.
  • My favorite book is Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut.
  • I don’t have a favorite band. Two of my favorite albums are The Blue Nile’s Hats and Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks.
  • My favorite cat is Margalo. She lives in my house.
  • I’m the lead software developer at Kirkwork.

This Site

This site is on GitHub.

I write all posts and pages in markdown, and then the site is generated by Jekyll. The theme is a slightly modified whiteglass. I push the site to GitHub, where Travis CI does the build for GitHub Pages. I can’t let GitHub Pages do the build itself, because it doesn’t support every gem I use.

No Tracking

I respect your privacy, so I use GoatCounter instead of something like Google Analytics. GoatCounter is open source and doesn’t collect any personal data. I highly recommend it.