David Gay

I'm a hacker who started programming in BASIC and C++ in the late 90s or early 2000s, wrote a lot of Python in the early 2010s, and converted to Ruby around 2017. I can write several other languages though I don't prefer them. I am trying Rust, but it's missing a few things.

Free software is important to me, so I try to use it whenever I can.

Since August 2022 I've run a 1st edition AD&D game at least twice a week. You might be interested in Demon Idol, a website where I compile rules, notes, guides, tools, and links for the game. I started playing D&D over 20 years ago and like it quite a lot.

I've been learning Japanese for a couple of years, which originally interested me because I thought the writing was cool. One of the first Japanese movies I watched was 転々, which really hooked me on Japanese media.

Here are some websites I appreciate: Hyperlinked Text, Neocities, and wiby.